butt workout

September 2012, I set myself a goal - I was going to do whatever it took to be happy when I looked in a mirror. 2 years later, and still picking and choosing what I want to chop and change? I’ve finally come to the conclusion…
Physically, I’ve gone from chubby to ‘skinny fit’ and strong, 10kgs lighter, a size 12-14 to a size 6, and sometimes I’ve even got abs. The aesthetic changes my physical being has gone through are PHENOMENAL! I can lift more than most girls I know, and some guys. I have learnt how to eat pancakes, ice cream, pizza, waffles, whatever I want really.. and wake up lighter and leaner the next morning. But more importantly, I believe, than any of the physical challenges I’ve overcome, or any piece of nutritional information I could learn or gain.. Is the amount of mental and emotional progress I’ve made over the past two years. I’ve learned how to love myself regardless of whether I wake up with a flat stomach, if I don’t have abs or the best muscles or booty. Whether I crush my workout or feel like a weak 5 year old girl, I now know what it’s like to not hate myself, inside or out. And with that comes the ability to show the same kindness to those around you. And that, in my books, is better than any amount of weight loss or muscle gain or pb or ab line or booty bump, that I could ever achieve physically. So here’s my #transformationtuesday - hopefully it motivates you to move that little bit closer to loving yourself, as it has for me.